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Plant Animals

Plant Animals

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Decorate your house plants or terrarium with our range of cute Plant Animals! 🌿

Plant Animals are the perfect way to create your own mini jungle. You can stand them in your plant pot or terrarium, slide them onto a leaf or gently fold their hands so they swing, climb, perch, or hug your favorite plants.

A perfect gift for any indoor gardener, plant lover, or green-thumbed enthusiast!

Plant Animals are an original creation by Another Studio in 2017. We started with the Sloth, Chameleon and Orangutan and since then have expanded the collection we offer - we're always open to suggestions of new animals so get in touch with any ideas!

There are 26 wonderful animals:
Bush Baby • Chameleon • Flying Squirrel • Fox • Frog • Fruit Bat • Koala • Meerkat • Monkey • Orangutang • Owl • Pangolin • Parrot • Praying Mantis • Raccoon • Sloth • Snake • Squirrel • Lemur • Chimpanzee • Damselfly • Flying Lizard • Flamingo • Toucan • Tamarin • Anteater

Contents: 1 x Brass Plant Animal
Packaging: 100% recycled FSC Paper with a biodegradable plastic-free cellophane wrap - 15 x 5cm
Each animal is made from corrosion resistant brass, this means it won't damage if the animal gets when when watering your plants, or if they live in a moist terrarium.

Plant Animals measure approximately LxW:
Orangutan 100 x 40mm
Chameleon 55 x 35mm
Sloth 50 x 40mm
Bushbaby 65 x 35mm
Koala Bear 50 x 40mm
Tree Frog 80 x 40mm
Spider Monkey 85 x 45mm
Raccoon 60 x 40mm
Flying Squirrel 80 x 40mm
Meerkat 80 x 15mm
Pangolin 55 x 35mm
Snake 65 x 30mm
Praying Mantis 43 x 66mm
Fruit Bat 67 x 21mm
Squirrel 55 x 45mm
Fox 70 x 25mm
Owl 55 x 23mm
Parrot 80 x 20mm
Chimpanzee 75 x 25mm
Lemur 72 x 37mm
Damselfly 82 x 40mm
Flying Lizard 75 x 42mm
Flamingo 80mm x 45mm
Toucan 55mm x 40mm
Tamarin 68mm x 30mm
Anteater 64mm x 34mm

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