Rare & Exotic Plants

We specialize in sourcing, growing and shipping, Rare & Exotic Plants around the US. We take special care to ensure our plants are healthy and ready to thrive in their new home. We carefully inspect all plants for healthy roots systems, pests and disease prior to shipping. When you shop The Plant Room you are shopping with a leader in the industry, with customer testimonials to back it up!

Sustainably Sourced, Carefully Packaged, Quick Delivery

  • Sourced

    We work with both big and small growers around the nation to bring you beautiful, healthy, sustainably grown plants. All plants go through an aclimation period so they are ready to thrive in their new home.

  • Packaged

    We package our plants one at a time by hand to ensure they arrive alive. Using recycled packaging materials when possible as part of our effort to reduce waste from the packaging industry.

  • Shipped

    We ship our plants at the beginning of the week to minimize the chance of it getting held up at a holding facility. You will receive a notification when your order ships with a unique tracking code.

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