Hoya Rope | Hoya Carnosa Compacta
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Hoya Rope | Hoya Carnosa Compacta

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A great starter for your Hoya collection, you’ll soon become addicted to these unique plants! The Hindu Rope will bloom gorgeous waxy flowers in the right conditions. It needs to dry out completely in-between waterings. Does wonderful in a hanging pot.

Item will ship in the 6 in pot pictured. 

*Item sold may not be item pictured as we have multiple in stock. However all items are very similar in appearance and size.

Please understand that these are living plants. We do our very best to package each plant carefully and securely. However, sometimes during the shipping process a plant may experience browning or damage to a leaf. Plants sometimes go into shock from shipping or different growing conditions as well. Water and place them in a shaded spot out of direct sun to recover from shipping.

When placing an order, take into consideration the local temperature at your delivery address. We are not responsible for USPS shipping delays or damage in transit.